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          Snow Yan company established a professional, strong technical force of the research team and R & D system, perfect management system and incentives.

          The company is equipped with a pipe design, has rich experience in production and development of outstanding technical personnel of the R & D team, have sufficient strength for the new products, new technology research and development, production technology for pipeline and typical composite structure has a deeper understanding and practice of the design capacity, have obtained five patents of utility model, and every year will improve technology or new product development.

          The company's efforts to establish a set of scientific and technological innovation system, developed on the plan of science and technology, project management, scientific research, intellectual property rights and reward management procedures and rules for the implementation of the project management, initially constructed to project management as the core, and the investment of science and technology, the implementation of the whole process, the output of professional management supporting program management and contract management system.

          To motivate technicians, the company increased the technological talents and achievements reward strength, deepen science and technology personnel salary allocation system to reform, improve the R & D personnel evaluation approach. The company established a team of technical experts, established the annual award of innovation of technology and advanced science and technology workers, outstanding project manager, advanced collective and individual special award;

          According to the company development strategy, the future will focus on improving the capability of independent innovation, to enhance the capability of independent innovation as the central link of transforming the pattern of economic development and promote the development of the company 's strong power. Actively promote scientific and technological innovation of system and mechanism, the integration of science and technology resources, strengthen primitive innovation, compositive innovation and introduce digest absorb innovate again ability, constantly enhance the company development.