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          Research and development strategy
          Our company established a professional, strong technical force of the R & D system, set up internal organization of science and technology R & D team based on, and Tianjin University, Institute of oil pipe, Xi'an Moore laboratory and other key laboratories and experimental bases constitute a powerful R & D organization system.

          The company's efforts to establish a set of scientific and technological innovation system, developed on the plan of science and technology, project management, scientific research, intellectual property rights and reward management procedures and rules for the implementation of the project management, initially constructed to project management as the core, and the investment of science and technology, the implementation of the whole process, the output of professional management supporting planning management system.

          To motivate technicians, the company increased the outstanding scientific and technological personnel incentive strength, deepen reform of scientific and technological personnel salary distribution system, improve the R & D personnel assessment method. Efforts to improve the ability of independent innovation for social change, as an important part of the economic efficiency, in order to promote the development of the company.
          Market strategy

          The company currently to domestic, product realization of industrialization, to create the maximum benefit, make full use of the advantage of the exclusive patent products, in the consolidation of a mature market at the same time, develop new market strategy, and to develop the international market, enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises.
          Internationalization strategy
          My company to" do the world composite pipe industry leader" for the vision, adhere to the" integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, technology and capital combination of ideas, to the development of chemical industry, oil, ports and other areas of business, enhancing the international pipeline peer exchanges and cooperation, enhance the enterprise internal hardware and software strength, for the development of international trade, lay a solid foundation.