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          In order to meet the customer's requirement,assure their bene-fit,extct the product advantage,realize the corporation tenet of "Serve the customer,Be responsible for the customer and Work to the satisfactory of the customer",Tianjin Xueyan Pipeline Manufacture Corporation provides the following service by strictly adhering to the ISO9001:2008 quality management system:

          1.Prior to customer order,provide themwith pipeline material property introduction and pipeline service requirement,as well as relative technical document,such as pipeline specification.
          2.Assist customer carrying out pipeline surveillance,design and mapping.
          3.Assist the customer solving other technical problems met while applying our products.
          4.Provide technical support and consultation.

          1.Provide technical document such as construction process.
          2.Upon the construction progress and customer requirement,as-sign qualified technical personnel prosonnel providing overall process site construction technical instruction and service.
          3.Provide pipelin installation service upon customer require-ment.
          4.Provide the customer with pipeline installation and mainte-nance technical training.

          1.From the moment the user forward the quality problem infor-mation,Xueyan may immediately response within 1 hour.Our service may never stop until the satisfactory of the service.
          2.Provide free reparation serbice within warranty period.
          3.Provide product service life maintenance service.
          4.100% work acceptance rate.