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          • Name: Underground Well Oil Pipes with Stainless Steel Inner Lining
          • Number: a006
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 224

          The metal composited pipes have usually been referred to the new composited pipes which consider the com-monly used oil pipes(casing pipes)as the parent pipes,putting the thin wall metal pipes which will endure the corrosion of special medium through the inner cavity of parent pipes,through the production technology of deflafrating and distending,to cause the thin wall metal pipes attached at the inner surface of parent pipes closely.The most outstanding feature of this pipes is as follows:stable connection,good entirety,combining the mechanical strength of parent pipe well with the corrosion resistance of lining pipe.It has enlarged the applicable filed of parent pipe,reduced the cost,and it has the good feature of corrosion resistance.
          Performance and Characteristics
          1.Under the premise of ensuring the entirety of current design structure,it can realize the repair the old oil pipes with inner lining on site,which can prolong the lifetime of pipes,avoid the wasting of resources,and reduce the operation cost greatly;
          2.According to the different corrosion environment,it can select the relative the inner lining materials of corrosion resistance,to reduce the cost under the satisfaction of requirements of corro-sion prevention;
          3.Applicable environment temperature rangs is as larger as(-35℃~+300℃);
          4. Combining with the different processing menthod on end face, the sealed structure of specialized coupling(patented tech-nology)can be applied for the sealing connection of pipe column on different wells.It can solve the problem of galvanic corrosion on the coupling thread 'J position' of composited pipes/casing pipes very well;
          5. It can replace the carburzing oil pipe,polyethlene corrosion-inhibiting coating oil pipe and glass fibre reinforced plastics underground well-pipe,which can satisfy the requirements of corrosion prevention of underground well pipes cofumn in the petroleum industry.
          Technical Index
          1.The inner lining materials:stainless steel,nickel base alloy:
          2.The coverage rate of pitting corrosion:100%;
          3.The corrosion-resistance:it is equal to the corrosion-resistance of inner lining material;
          4.The compressive strength of radial direction:not less than that of former old oil pipe;
          5.The tensile strength of axial direction:not less than that of former old oil pipe;
          6.The separation shear force on the composited interface of old composited oil pipe(9.6m/piece) :186 ton.
          Application Area
          It can be widely used for crude oil transferring pipeline of oilfield,the polymeric compound transferring pipelin of crude oil and polluted water,producing well,flooding well,discharge well of chemical waste,water well,liquid extraction well,lift-ing liquid pipe,and discharge well of brine.
          Implementation Standards
          CJ/T192-2004,'Stainless Steel Composited Pipe with Inner Lin-ing'
          SY/T6623-2005,'The Standards for Composited Steel Pipe with Interior Coating or Inner Lining of Corrosion-Resistance Com-pound Metal'