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          • Name: ccgrp pe pipeline
          • Number: a002
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 356

          Production process:
          The HOBAS pipe is the fiberglass reinforced plastic sand composite pipe completely adopting the computer control and cast by the centrifugal force. The product is made of unsaturated polyesters resin, chopped glass fiber, quartz sand and fillers.


          Performance characteristics:
          Corrosion resistance, unnecessary inner and outer anti-corrosive coating treatment
          Easy installation, cut on the spot
          Compact structure of pipe wall, tightness, durability, the service life of more than 50 years
          Smooth inner wall, little head loss, low pumping cost
          Good FWC joint sealing property and confrontational property, convenient installation
          Smooth outer surface, on-the-spot installation, connection after any part of the pipe is cut and chamfered
          Connection mode:
          The HOBAS pipes are connected by FWC pipe joints, with complete specifications; and abnormally shaped pipe fittings can also be manufactured; for the connection between the HOBAS pipes and other pipes, the socket joint and the flange connection mode are adopted according to actual conditions。
          Product applications:
          Widely applied to water supply pipes, drain pipes, domestic sewage pipe, compression-bearing sewage pipes, underwater pipes, ceiling pipes, seawater conveying pipes, industrial blow off pipes, industrial wastewater pipes, waste gas treatment pipes, etc.