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          • Name: Double-wall Corrugated Pipe
          • Number: a014
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 163

          Production process:
          For the double-wall corrugated pipe, two single screw extruders are used to plasticize extruded materials, the materials are extruded by the composite die to form the concentric blank pipe with uniform wall thickness, and the concentric blank pipe enters the forming machine to combine the module to form the cavity; vacuum pumping is performed between the outer layer and the module, so that the outer layer is closely contacted with the module, simultaneously the compressed air is filled between the inner layer and the outer layer, the inner layer and the outer layer at the wave crest are separated, the inner layer and the outer layer at the wave hollow are pressed together under the action of the size rod, so that the double-layer corrugated pipe with smooth inner wall and uneven outer wall is formed.
          According to materials, the double-wall corrugated pipe is divided into two main types of PVC and PE
          Model specifications:

          Performance characteristics:

          Novel material, reasonable structure, high strength, extremely good compressive resistance and impact resistance
          Smooth inner wall, no scale formation, big flow rate, small caliber under the condition of same flow rate
          In general, the racking pipe doesn’t need concrete foundation, and the construction speed is high
          Rubber ring socket joint connection, good joint seal, reliable method
          Light weight, convenient transportation and installation, unnecessary machines
          Flexible joint, high uneven sedimentation resistance
          Resistance to the corrosion of a lot of medium such as acid, alkali, etc., the PH range is 2 to 12
          Long service life, over 50 years
          Connection mode:
          Socket joint, thermal shrinkage connecting sleeve (connecting belt)
          Product applications:
          Municipal construction, residential rain drainage, sewage pipes; highways, subway buried pipeline; high voltage cable, telecommunications cable sheathing; port, oil, chemical, mining for fluid transportation and irrigation delivery.
          Industry standard:
          GB/19472.1-2004《Underground Polyethylene (PE) Structure Pipe System, the First Part: Polyethylene Double-wall Corrugated Pipe》
          GB/13477-2001《Underground Drainage Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Double-wall Corrugated Pipe》