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          • Name: Water Supply Polyethylene Pipe
          • Number: a009
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 181

          Production process:
          The water supply polyethylene (PE) pipe is made of imported raw materials of PE80 and PE 100 and manufactured according to the GB/T13663 standard. The product has quite good welding property, environment stress cracking resistance and rapid cracking resistance, and it meets the requirements of international standards and national standards in terms of performance.
          Performance characteristics:
          1.Good sanitary performance: No addition of heavy metallic salt during production of the PE pipe, high stability, nontoxicity, no scale formation, no bacteria breeding, and better solving the secondary pollution problem of municipal drinking water
          2.Excellent anti-corrosive property: Except few strong oxidizers, the product can resist the corrosion of various types of chemical medium; no electrochemical corrosion
          3.Long service life: At the rated temperature and pressure, the PE pipe can be safely used for more than 50 years
          Quite good impact resistance: The PE pipe has good toughness and high impact resistance; even a heavy article directly presses the pipe, the pipe will not be broken
          4.Reliable connecting property: The strength of the hot melting or electric melting connector of the PE pipe is higher than that of the pipe itself, and the joints will not broken because of the soil movement or live load
          5.Good workability: Light weight, simple welding process, convenient construction, and low comprehensive cost of projects
          Connection mode:
          1Electric-hot melting connection: A special electric-hot melting welding machine is used to connect straight pipes or straight pipes and pipe fittings, and in general, the electric-hot melting connection is used for pipes of below 160mm.
          2Hot melting butt joint: The special butt joint welding machine is used, and in general, the hot melting butt joint is used for pipes of above 160mm.
          3Steel plastic connection: Adopt flange connection, screw connection, etc.
          4In order to facilitate construction and ensure construction quality, some corresponding tools should be prepared, for example, rotary cutter: cut pipes, rotary scraper: scrape off the oxide skin on the surface of the pipe, wall climbing scraper: scrape off the oxide skin on the surface of the large-diameter pipe and gas stopping tool: realize gas stopping operation on the spot
          Product use:
          Municipal water supply system, construction water supply system, underground water supply system of residential districts and factories, industrial and water treatment pipe system, etc.; in addition, the company has produced special PE blow-off pipes by adding special raw materials in the production process of traditional PE pipes and developed special connectors. The product is widely used in dredging and blow-off projects of ports
          Executive standard:GB/T 13663-2000《Water Supply Polyethylene (PE) Pipe》