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          • Name: High-strength Glass-reinforced Plastic Pipe
          • Number: a015
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 186

          Production process:
          The high-strength glass-reinforced plastic pipe, which is high in strength, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, uses epoxy resin, of which the main compositions are bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin, as the basal material, adopts high-strength continuous glass fiber winding forming, uses special aromatic amine or anhydrides as a curing agent, adopts special high-temperature curing technology and is formed under the complete control of the computer. The product is divided into the ground pipe and the underground oil pipe
          Ground Pipe:

          1.Resin system:The high-strength glass-reinforced plastic pipe-ground pipe is the epoxy resin system using aromatic amine and polymethylene aniline as the curing agent. The aromatic amine is the best curing agent for producing high-strength, chemical corrosion resistant and high-temperature resistant resin products, and the polymethylene aniline has the effect of enhancing the interweaving density of fiber under the action of aromatic amine, so that the strength and the anti-corrosive capability for the product are further improved.2.公稱內徑(mm):40、50、65、80、100、150、200、250、300、350、400;
          3.Working pressure(Mpa):1.6~28
          4.Pipe length:DN50~150(mm):90mm;  DN200~400(mm) :9m或12m;
          5.Performance characteristics:
          1)The high-strength glass-reinforced plastic pipe has good corrosive resistance, high-temperature resistance and high-pressure resistance, the medium temperature reaches 115°C, and the requirements on water seepage and water injection of oil fields are completely met;
          2)High strength, light weight, one-fourth of that of the steel pipe
          3)Energy saving and lower consumption, low coefficient of heat conductivity, 1% of that of steel pipe, small temperature drop, smooth inner surface, difficult scale formation, difficult wax precipitation, small frictional resistance coefficient
          4)Designable electrical property; the common glass-reinforced plastic pipe is not electrically conducted, but our company can design the conducting fuel pipe system which has quite good applicability.
          5)Long service life, not less than 30 years
          6)The size of the pipe body is high in stability
          7)Convenient installation, light weight, economical and quick installation
          Screw type connection, socket joint binding type connection, flange connection;
          Underground Oil Pipe and Casing
          1.Underground Oil Pipe
          1)Resin system:The high-strength glass-reinforced plastic pipe-underground oil pipe is the epoxy resin system using anhydrides as the curing agent. The underground oil pipe manufactured by the system is applied to underground operation of oil fields.
          2)Nominal diameter(mm):40、50、63、75、100
          3)Working pressure(Mpa):7~27.6
          4)Pipe length(m):9.0


          5)Performance characteristics:
          Besides the advantages of the ground pipe, the underground oil pipe has the following advantages:
          1.Excellent flow characteristics, 1 to 1/2 time of that of the steel pipe
          2.Advanced long fiber winding structure provides extremely high compression resistance and axial tensile property, the working pressure reaches 24Mpa under the severe environment
          3.Screw and O-shaped seal ring connection ensures high-pressure multiple sealing, screw sealing resin avoids the fluid in the pipe and the outside pollutants from contacting the screws, the safety and reliability are improved, and the downhole depth reaches 300 meters.
          6)Connection mode:Threaded connection
          2.Underground Casing
          1)Resin system:
          1.The underground casing is the resin system using HP anhydrides as the curing agent. The upper limit working temperature is allowed82°C;
          2.The resin system using aromatic amine as the curing agent,The upper limit working temperature is allowed93°C;
          3.The resin system using HP aromatic amine as the curing agent,The upper limit working temperature is allowed149°C;
          2)Nominal diameter(mm):101.1、110、123.2、154.9、162.6、213.9、246.9
          3)Working pressure(Mpa):5.17~17.1
          4)Pipe length(m):Unit9.0、After assembly8.17


          5)Performance characteristics
          1.Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, light weight, low installation cost;
          2.Low scale formation, no bacteriotrophy, electric insulation, hollow charge hole, using the common packer;
          3.The flexible design can provide economic and reasonable well design。
          6)Connection: threaded connections
          Product applications:
          Applied to water injection, polymer injection, CO2 injection and oil gathering pipe system, underground oil pipe and casing, gas gathering and delivering pipeline, chemical treatment, solvent mining, mineral acid pipeline, crude oil and natrual gas conveying pipeline, ship and marine oil platform system, finished product oil conveying pipe system of filling station, liquid chemcial products or sewage conveying system, also applied to prodcution oil wells, water injection wells, chemical treatment wells, water wells and solvent mining wells.


          Executive standard:SY/T6267-1996《High Pressure Fiberglass Pipeline Pipe》