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          • Name: Inner Plastic Coated or Inner-outer Plastic Coated Composite Steel Pipe
          • Number: a010
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 107

          Production process:
          The inner plastic coated or inner-outer plastic coated composite steel pipe is the pipe with modified epoxy resin powder coated on the inner surface and the outer surface and has quite good comprehensive performance, particularly the water supply inner-outer coated epoxy composite steel pipe coating has quite high anti-corrosive property, the application temperature is between -40 and 90°C. The water delivery temperature is between -30 and 80°C. The product also has good chemicals resistant stability and water resistance and meets the safety requirements of drinking water delivering equipment and protection materials. The product can be widely used in drinking water delivery pipes, seawater delivery pipes, regenerated water delivery pipes, chemical engineering delivery pipes and ship building delivery pipes.
          Model specifications(Unit:mm):DN15-DN1200
          Product use:
          1Smooth inner wall, prevention of breeding of microorganisms, small fluid delivering resistance, increase in flow rate and energy saving
          2With wide scope of application, it can be used in drinking water delivery pipes and pipes of delivering seawater, regenerated water, chemical engineering fluid, oil, etc., and particularly applicable to underground delivery pipes
          3The coating has high hardness and impact resistance, and better chemical corrosion resistance
          4Long service life, a life span of 50 years
          Connection mode:
          Groove joint, flange connection, and the welding connection
          Performance index: