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          • Name: The Composited Steel Pipes with Stainless Steel Inner Lining
          • Number: a005
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 362

          The stainless steel-carbon steel composited pipes is new one composited pipe which will be manufactured by the method as following:putting the austenite stainless steel pipe with thin wall through the inner cavity of carbon steel parent pipe,through the production technology of deflagrating and distending,to cause the thin wall stainless steel pipe attached at the inner surface of parent pipe closely.Our enterprise has also manufactured the galvanized steel pipes with stainless steel inner lining and the specialized composited pipes with stainless steel inner lining and exterior coating epoxy resin for usage of fire protection. 


          Performance characteristics
          Corrosion Prevention:the inner lining is stain-less steel with the performance of enduring the corrosion of acid and alkali etc.
          Environmental Protection:the inner surface is smooth and is not easy to cause the scale formation;it will not pollute the medium which has been conveying,and it can be recovered and recycled.
          Performance:it has high strength and stable performan-ce.The strength of stainless steel composited pipe with inner lining(duplex metal composited pipe)will match the requirements of stainless steel related to the same spe-cification.And it has good performance in corrosion-resistance,pressure-proof and shock resistance.

          Application Area
          it can be widely used in the fields as petroleum,chemical industry,medicine,dyeing and printing,food,brewing,energy and environmental protection,chemical fertilizer and papermaking ,drinking water and fire protection etc.It can be used as one new peoduct for updating and upgrading of products for the pure stainless steel pipes and other compound metal pipes of corro-sion-resistance.
          Executive standard
          CJ/T192-2004,'Stainless Steel Composited Pipe with Inner Lin-ing'
          SY/T6623-2005,'The Standards for Composited Steel Pipe with Interior Coating or Inner Lining of Corrosion-Resistance Com-pound Metal'