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          • Name: Inner-outer Coated Epoxy Composite Steel Pipe
          • Number: a012
          • Release time: 2011-07-06
          • Views : 118

          Production process
          The inner-outer coated epoxy composite steel pipe (specially used for cables) is the modified epoxy resin power inner-outer coated pipe. The product has quite good comprehensive property, high anti-corrosive property and chemicals resistant stability, and the application temperature is between -40 and 80°C. The product is widely used for threading of high and low voltage cables and has the advantages of high rigidity and compressive strength, etc. Because the inner wall and the outer wall are both smooth, the cable is well protected and prevented from ageing.
          Model specifications(unit:mm):DN15-DN1200
          Product characteristics:
          High bearing performance, no scale formation, no breeding of microorganisms
          Chemical corrosion resistance, soil and marine life corrosion resistance, good cathodic disbonding property
          Good weather resistance and applicability to harsh environments such as desert and salt and alkali lands
          Smooth pipe wall, long service life
          Easy connection of pipes, convenient assembly, easy mastery and convenient maintenance
          Connection mode:
          Screw connection, flange connection, clamp connection, socket joint and short pipe muffcoupling
          Performance index:

          Executive standard:CJ/T120-2000《Plastic coating steel pipe for water supply》